A Swatch in Time.

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Oh wow, I'm so happy I broke down and ordered swatches before purchasing the fabric for my re-upholstery project. Some of the colors, looked totally different then what I was expecting from viewing the online photos.

I ordered the following samples from fabric.com

The Samples
-Vintage Suede Kiwi (PS-2400)
-Richloom Solarium Outdoor Solar Kiwi (PS-312)
-Richloom Portsmouth Basil (PS-3580)
-Premier Prints Indoor/Outdoor Dixie Solid Greenage (PS3-6594)

The Results 
The Suede Kiwi was my favorite, however it was dry clean only (a major problem for a color this light, in a high traffic area). The Basil sample was a hideous pea soup color. The Solar Kiwi sample was a nice color, but felt like sandpaper.

The Final Purchase
I ended up falling in love with the Dixie Solid Greenage swatch; not only was the color perfect, but the fabric had a nice heavy but soft feel to it. I ended up ordering 17 yards for my soon to be green couch. After a 20% coupon and free shipping I spent a total of $114.49, a pretty fair price to give new life to my dated couch.

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