Formal Thrifty Tuesday

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Military Balls = the bane of my existence. For those not married to the Army (or serving), a Military ball, is kinda like prom, but way stricter.

Civilian Women's attire should be.....
- A formal gown (knee to floor length)
- Tasteful

Real helpful right? Basically your dress shouldn't look like something you'd wear to prom (e.g. lots of fake rhinestones, glitter, reviling cutouts, neon colored ect), nor should it be a huge 6 hoop ball gown. The dress is suppose to classy, elegant, and not too flashy. After going online and getting a general idea of the type of dress I wanted I started my search.

Now here's a tip about thrifting, that I live by. Make a list of items that you need or know you will need sometime soon; carry this list with you at all times, so every time you go thrifting you can remember to be on the look out for those items. For example I keep the following list on my phone.

- Large picture Frames (18 x 24 or larger)
- Formal dress for Mil Bal
- Drinking Glasses
- Wicker Baskets (for the rabbits)
- Small patio table
- Chair suitable for outdoors

Important note, don't expect to find all the items on your list all at once; you'll end up being disappointed. Also don't let the list limit what items or sections you browse, it should serve more as a reminder then a grocery list.

After 3 months of checking, I finally found this awesome size 4 "After Six" dress. This gown in a bridal shop normally goes for about 250ish. I paid 10 dollars for it, and it fits perfectly :)

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